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The term Cultural appropriation is used to describe the act of borrowing aspects of another cultural. This aspect comes from the evolution of the massive market of the internet. The internet was designed to share information as a creative process. Now as one of the world’s largest investment, the internet market is now a battle between the actual market and the idea of sharing information for free. The major idea of cultural appropriation is the concept of borrowing material in a balanced way which is where and why the copyright laws as well as privacy law are now in practice. Initially these laws were established to create a balanced between the author and those of the public to serve as a protection for the greater of the community. Over the many generations of the development of the internet the public slowly gained control of the battle and is now what it seems like is no longer worried about the illegal side of the copyright or privacy laws. It was argued in Digital Diversity Ethics that the generation gap is a serious causing copyright morality (Ess 2009). The cause with is still unknown to the great majority.
In a personal view we must set standards as to whether this is any good from an ethical standpoint. In the film guarding the Family Silver they focus more on the trade marketing side of productions as a way to protect your investors and consumers, but at this point this doesn’t seem to matter anymore because copyrighting has reached a level that is out of control. Some cultures may not frown upon copyright violations, because of where they are. The idea of cultural and language to control our identity is a unique way of expressing each individual and or cultural. The film RIP: a Remix Manifesto focuses on cultural and how it always builds on the past, yet the past will try to control the future so to solve this problem there must be an attempt to limit the control of the pass.
I believe that there should be some law to stop this violation of copyrighting or at least find a better way in controlling this which means that there has to be some control in the present generation of new technological inventions.
In the following link ( you will find and article that infringes on copyrighting which is discussed in the RIP: a Remix Manifesto film.

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