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Now a day the technological world is more advanced than say ten years ago. The technology used today is far beyond a simple research method. With platforms such as online videos, blogs, Facebook and Twitter, online social networks has reached a new peak that is being spread nationally. These platforms are being used today to start, organize and spread revolutions. Today’s blogs is dealing with the way in which news is being reported in Egypt through social networking platforms.
The use of technology in the revolution in Egypt was used for far more than just a tool. In a different sense one could say the technological platform was used as an aid. It was used to reach a mass amount of people in a short period of time. The objective was to reach the younger generation that the parents that held government positions could not reach. This younger generation included high school students as well as college students mainly targeting those who most often logged on to Facebook or Twitter accounts. This was done so that a large amount of younger people would be aware of what was going on. In this article much credit was given to the success of Facebook for the uprising of the revoultion. Social networking is now the easiest form of technology one can use in the generation we now live in. Many opinions throughout the video stated that they believed social networks such as Facebook and Twitter gives a more realistic view point than compared to television broadcasting. As they felt television and such brainwashed many into certain beliefs.
The use of technology today can now be seen to shape ones belief on a common ground. It is used more now to reach a certain class of people in a large amount. These two platforms give a sense of unification to one world. It was stated in the video that because of these social networking platforms (Facebook and Twitter) ones view is no longer individualistic, rather is now shifted towards a holistic view on a broader spectrum.

Posted February 13, 2011 by williams30 in Assignments

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