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The digital divide is widening on many aspects in the technology world. A revolutions is coming about in efforts to close the gap entailed between the divide. The divide comes in forms of technological disadvantage opportunities in minority groups communities. According to Charles Ess, in Digital Media Ethics the digital divide represents the disparity between “the information rich and the information poor”. As the world is devolping and there are new advancements being created the digital access to minority groups decreasing further and further.

In this article by CNET Networks, http://www.bridgethedigitaldivide.com/ we can find many ways in which to bridge the gap. Although this is the first thought when the digital divide is first thought about, the definition goes much further. Thus, the digital divide is expanded by Alondra Nelson and company in Technicolor: Race, Technology adn Everyday Life, to “training, access, education, content, telecommunications infrastructure and such”. But a true definition can only be displayed once e-waste has been implemented.

E-waste can be described as the discarded surplus, obsolete, or broken electrical or electronic devices. By inserting E-waste into the definition of the digital divide, as seen in the video “Ghana: the Digital Dumping Ground”, can conclude that E-waste is not helping close the divide rather adding to the problem in other ways. In this frontline special we witnessed how devloped countries shiped “wasted” computers and such to countries such as Ghana, China, and Vietnam where they melt down these pieces to contract its precious metals. In this process the workers are being exposed to many dangerous chemicals and toxics that cause negitive health affects. By emplementing e-waste into the definition and understanding of the digital divide we can become more ethical on the gains of others in other countries. If we as a devolped country were more concerned about where this waste was being shipped, we could decrease the amount of danger and hopefully close the gap in the digital divide.

Posted March 2, 2011 by williams30 in Assignments

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