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Tracking the amount of media usage is far harder than one may think. Being aware that ones actions is being watched makes you alter your judgment on the amount of time spent engaging in media usage. For the past week we were assigned to log media usage hours for items such as texting, phone usage, general internet usage, time spent on Facebook and such. In some ways this data is inaccurate because it is the end of the school year and many students are focusing on end of the year school work. However, I believe this graph included with class data is an accurate way in showing how time is wasted when other priorities are at hand.

Picking one part of my life (Not school) analyzing the impact it has on this always on pie chart is texting. Texting in part is sending and receiving messages on my cellular phones all throughout the day. Texting is a daily routine for me as I engage in this activity at all cost. Although texting is prohibited in most area such as in class, at practice, or even taking off before a flight, I still find a way to send and receive. I believe that Craig Walker captures this idea when introducing the idea of CPA. The continuous partial attention is the popular notion of media multitasking. I believe I am a victim of this being that I will stop what I am doing to send a text, or find it very important interact in conversations. Switching my attention back and forth in multitasking media usage in different areas in my life. This article on text messaging is harmful to many because it distracts you in ways you would not think of .

After this class an all the reading required to read within I find the media usage to be unbelievable. I think the media world has taken over much of what our generation engages themselves in today. Now with the conclusion of this class I find myself being more aware of my time spent on media items, in ways that my attention is directed and how much of my time is wasted. I find better ways to concentrate on one media item at a time overall making the most of my time and my time more valuable.

Texting 19 hours

Phone Usage 1.45 hours

Facebook .15 hours

School Work 3.45 Hours

General Internet 3.45 Hours

Ipod Usage 2.15 Hours

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