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As a group we struggled with the initial start of the presentation and research question. With such a program as not being implemented much into the overall success of a given country it was difficult to focus on one specific area. Once we received the topic, we all just kind of sat around and wondered what we could actually turn this project into. We all started by looking at the website of the Program which is linked here ( In are group, we exchanged ideas and came up with a list of possible ways that the presentation could be put together. Transferring this information back and forth we generally wrote down ideas and narrowed the focus research question to a sub-ten list. After this list was posed to our group members we broke the list into step and assigned each member of the group a focus point. And this is how the question was developed. In our separate topic assigned we piled together information that would better help us understand the program of One Laptop per Child.

                This further moved into the development of the thesis, which took more time to develop. The thesis was not master until one of our last meeting times scheduled. We took the direction of researching first then that would force us into a well developed thesis statement. Minor changes were made to the thesis once it was established. We narrowed in our research focusing on one area in the country; that area being Africa. Also, we took the direction and implemented an opposing view to the basic mission further creating critics to the development, necessity and opportunity the foundation holds to the education of children. The presentation style was thought of by one of our group member prior knowledge with presentation style. This website ( is how the presentation was created. The last day of our group meeting time we created an order in presentation that we believed would flow best. We put the finishing touches to the presentation and to that extent our presentation was complete.

                If our group had the chance to do the presentation over again there would be nothing I would change. I felt that each member in our group explained and presented the ideas of the OLPC in a constructive manner. Every piece of the presentation fit in perfectly making the overall project and presentation itself a success.

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