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Jalisa Williams Powerpoint

Digital diversity is not easy to define being that over the semester we have been trying to find an understanding of what exactly the course entails. My personal understanding of the term digital diversity refers to the various forms of technology that is used, and the ways in which they are used.  Digital forms of technology can be used in many different ways. This includes the way in which they are used, who they are used by, applications and services provided, and interactive forms that are implemented from producers. The world is moving in a fast paste, and thus the forms of technology being invented must keep up. There are over 300 million people in the world with little to no access to technology, further creating a divide in the digital world with regards to access and information. The digital divide is further widened due to age, race, gender, income and geographic locations. The gap is in regards to the opportunity and access to information and communication and use of the internet.

We as a country have access and the resources to the benefits of the diverse forms of digital technology. However there are other developing countries that do not. Where we find old forms of technology to be wasteful and unbeneficial to the productions of our lives other countries find useful ways to discard and make profits. This process is referred to as E-waste. This process contributes to the digital divide in a global sense. There are many aspects that must be considered to conclude the definition to digital diversity.

The world is moving away from personal interaction to be seen, heard, and understood through digital forms. The technological world is advancing on a wide scale in fast paste where other parts of the world cannot keep up, or find it difficult to do so. With all the inventions the attention span of people cannot be solely concentrated on one task rather is spread through various interactions all in media form. So in a nutshell digital diversity refers to everything digital in variation; the way in production,
usage, consumption, users, the services provided and interactions within.

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