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Focus: Digital Divide Definition—>lead into subcategories

Question: How is One Laptop Per Child affecting the digital divide and African education (eventually narrow down to specific part of education; literacy, connectivity, social skills, etc.)?

The digital divide is a broad and complex issue that deals with more than just access to technology. One Laptop Per Child aims to provide every child with a low-cost, low-power, and connected laptop. Programs like this have been successful and have given diverse sources of information to children in all corners of the globe. These programs have also heightened student knowledge, engagement, and opportunities focused in educational ways. These types of programs can still be refined and improved upon in many ways.
The purpose of programs of such in developing countries is to provide empower the world’s poorest children through education. With this type of access provided to children in developing countries, they are expected to engage in their personal education, learn new material, share and create a digital world together. With this program and such, the mission of the One Laptop Per Child surrounds the idea to become connected to each other, to the world and to implement a brighter future for children. Our group would like to go beyond access and look at the issues One Laptop Per Child raises in the digital divide. We will look at issues such as:

How does one laptop per child differ from community access centers?
Cost and funding?
Reliability and support and training?
Closing/narrowing digital divide
Software and technology used Internet access?
Different from other programs?
How it is used for educational purposes, successes, failures, etc.?

I will be focusing on how the One Laptop Per Child program is different from community centers providing similar resources to children with the same needs. As stated before the purpose of the One Laptop Per Child program is to enhance the education level of children by having hopes of giving each and every child access to a personal laptop. The following link will provide one with further basic information about the use of such programs In comparison community center offers valuable, essential services and training that would not otherwise exist to the minority participants in a digital cultural. These centers are in place to boost the users confidence and training along the way to close the digital divide according to this article In just, these centers are under the assumption to believe their program helps minorities get ahead or otherwise help them keep up.

These are links to other members of the group:

Posted March 11, 2011 by williams30

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